PA Series Flanged Ball Bearing Assembly

The outer race is a press-formed cup. 

The inner race is machined with a burnished ball groove. Special bore diameters and square or hex bores are available. 

Both races are case-hardened for maximum service life and the inner race is zinc-plated for corrosion protection. 

Races and balls are assembled in a press-formed, flanged retainer cup, which is packed with an all-purpose grease suitable for operating temperatures up to 500° F (243° C). A full complement of hardened low-carbon steel balls assures smooth operation, maximum load ratings and long service life. 

All components are unitized by forming the cup over a retaining washer.

Used primarily for both lighter radial loads and/or thrust loads, the PA Series bearing has proven to be extremely reliable and economical for installation into extruded, bored or cast housings.

PA Series Bearing Modifications

The inner race may be extended in either direction. Holes can be cross-drilled, on either side, for set screw applications. Special bore diameters and hex or square bores can be manufactured to your specifications.

Heavy Duty PA Series Bearing Assembly

By producing the outer race cup from high-carbon steel and through-hardening this internal component, radial load capacities are increased to those of comparably sized ASF series bearings. Heavy-duty PA Series bearings have proven to be extremely reliable and economical for numerous applications requiring additional capacity.

PAR Series Non-Flanged Bearing Assembly

The ASF-type bearings construction is available without a flange on the retainer, making the bearing suitable for recessed or counterbore mounting.

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