Screw Machine Bearings

Freeway's machining division, Triangle Machine products, can mill from bar stock making it feasible to design and produce a wide variety of all screw machine bearings. Utilizing the same assembly equipment used to assemble our ASF and PA series bearings, Freeway's screw machine bearings are a viable alternative when loads are increased and end-play specifications are low. Minimal tooling is required for this type of bearing compared to a stamped component bearing assembly.


To insure trouble-free operation and maximum service life, Freeway bearings must be carefully and correctly installed in the same manner as precision bearings. Unlike precision bearings, the tolerances for fittings need not be as closely held. Since the races are case hardened, these can actually be compressed by several thousandths without injury to the bearing - extreme caution should be exercised in applying pressure when mounting to guard against brinelling the races.

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