Freeway’s flexibility in manufacturing is evident by our large presence in a number of diverse markets. Our ever-increasing knowledge and experience gained over the past seven decades allows us to meet the challenges in today’s manufacturing environment. We understand what drives you, so it drives us. We are a true application-engineering company.   

Freeway assures the components we manufacture will consistently:

  • Meet your budget demands through cost-efficient manufacturing
  • Satisfy or exceed your quality requirements
  • Ship to the demands of your manufacturing/project schedule 
  • Perform to your expectation and design specifications

The markets listed below are a small sample of those kept by Freeway.

Our work in these markets gives us priceless knowledge about performance-needs and demands. We understand what drives you, so it drives us. This is true application-engineering.

Freeway is not just another washer manufacturer

Freeway is recognized as a pioneer in the design of innovative stamping equipment. We have made our name through exceptional quality, our astute knowledge, and an enthusiastic desire to drive technology.

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